Tuesday, August 14, 2007

2007 - 30th REUNION PHOTOS

Class of "77" 30th Reunion

Hello Everyone! If you attended the reunion you know first hand the reunion was the best we've ever had! Everyone had a BLAST! The total attendance was approx. 145 people. The celebration went on with many classmates staying in town for the whole week. It allowed for many to catch up on literally "OLD" times.

The weekend actually started Friday morning with golf at the Ingleside golf Corse. Jeff Hoehing was in charge and did a great job . There were 5 foursomes and the winning foresome was Bob Diberadinis, Ken Porter, Wes Gabriel and Steve Gehrlein. They were caught on the course being alittle naughty...so stay tuned to the blog for some great laughs!! PICTURES INCLUDED.lol

Awards for the longest married with 29 years was given to Donna Benton Irey.

For the Furthest traveled to the reunion from Okinawa, Japan (you figure out the Miles), goes to Dean Warner.

For the most times Married...4 Times, that would be Debbie Rowley Richard.

The most Number of children goes to a very busy man...Fred Minahan with 5.

And last, but not least, the award for the most grandchildren goes to Kimberly Brown Johnson with 8 Grandbabies.

The D.J. was one of our own "77" classmates Rick Barringer. He did a wonderful job keeping the class involved and sometimes calming the troops. Karen Downing Brown took control of the dance floor in her sundress and cowboy boots! (check out the pics)

An informal vote was taken and the Male and Female classmates who are the "BEST PRESERVED" were...
Male: Nick Zaferes...Looking exactly the same as high school and IF HINDSIGHT WERE 20/20...lol
In the female category there was a tie between... Anne Fisher looking mighty CHIC in her Armani outfit. AND Karen Protivnak looking Beautiful and well preserved without a wrinkle in her face!! WHAT IS YOUR SECRET?? Every woman wants to know!! Contact Michaele and she will pass it along! lol.(we're just jealous Karen)

Congrats and Gratitude from the whole class of "77" to Joel Ashinhurst and Madison Westmoreland on Your Retirement from the Marines and Navy respectively, and for Protecting our Freedom.

A special note: To Ken Borland, Everyone asked for you and sent their thoughts and prayers. We all enjoyed the pictures from the yearbook that you sent on disc for us. We hope you receive the pictures we took and post them on the blog. We love you and Thank you for EVERYTHING!! DON"T think for one minute you have gotten out of dancing with Karen or Michaele...you promised. After seeing some of the pictures you may now be very afraid!

Karen Downing Brown Made 30th reunion T-shirts and they are still availabe for purchase. Memory books were done by Joyce Isabella Castaldi and Karen Downing Brown and they can still be purchased too. Contact Karen by e-mail Nfreeze@aol.com

We missed everyone who could not be there and those we could not find. Stay tuned for updates.

Our goal is to have a picnic every year and a larger get together every 5 years. We hope to see all of you again real soon. Keep your eye out for classmates we couldn't find. Let's not let the years pass again without seeing each other! Stay tuned to the Blog for updates!! I would like to take this time to say I was honored to work with such a hard working group of people. I do not have to name any names, you all know who you are. This reunion rocked b/c of you. I am honored to call each and everyone of you my friends. Love ya Lots!! Michaele Howington Zito.

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